Downtown Lincoln, NE
Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill 210 N 7th St
Sunken Gardens 2600 D St
Haymarket Pedestrian Bridge West Haymarket
Reactor Coffee 2124 Y St
The Railyard 350 Canopy St
Precision Skateboards 1622 O St
Memorial Stadium One Memorial Stadium Drive

Get outside or hole up in a coffee shop. Shop local or see a superstar in concert. Feel like a kid or stay out past your bedtime. Eat anything and everything. However you're feeling today, you'll find what you're looking for in Lincoln.

spread your wings.

Social Butterflies

See an intimate outdoor show or giant arena concert. Wander through crowded streets and explore the vibrant, varied nightlife. Grab your old friends and be prepared to make some new ones.

Explore music venues in Lincoln Plan a friend date
  • Friends happily sit around a gaming table playing intricate board game.
    Mana Games in the Haymarket lets you gather with friends and choose from among hundreds of board games to rent and play.
    Singer on stage performing in front of large crowd.
    Gregory Allen Isakov plays at the Bourbon Theatre in downtown Lincoln. The Bourbon attracts a wide variety popular musicians from around the country.
  • People sitting outside listening to music and talking.
    The Hub Cafe hosts a summer concert series where local musicians play to easygoing crowds.
    A friendly crowd lines up for food trucks
    The Hub and Soul concert series brings together local music and food trucks.
  • Small group of people walk outside restaurant in the Haymarket.
    The Haymarket District, a short walk from campus, is one of Lincoln’s liveliest areas for restaurants, bars, concerts, markets and more!
    People at bar enjoying drinks.
    Barrymore’s is a historic bar tucked away behind the Rococo Theatre, a popular gathering spot for friends that boasts a competitive trivia night.
  • A stage glowing with bright lights as a band plays to a large crowd at night.
    The Black Keys play a concert at Pinewood Bowl, a beautiful outdoor concert venue located in Pioneers Park.
    Three people walk amazed by the beautiful lights of the arched tunnel they walk through
    The holiday light display at The Children's Zoo amazes and delights.

hope you’re hungry.


From Nebraska must-haves to international influences, family-owned staples to up-and-coming food trucks, adventurous eats to tried-and-true traditions, we have more than a little of everything.

  • A woman spoons rice onto her plate during lunch at the Indian Oven.
    The Oven’s Indian cuisine — located in the Haymarket — is a Lincoln favorite.
    A vast display of baked good inside glass case.
    Goldenrod Pastries in College View is famous around the country for its delicious, colorful treats.
  • Two plates with slices of pizza sit on a table Yia Yia’s Pizza.
    Grab a slice at Yia Yia’s Pizza in downtown Lincoln.
    A man stands contemplating his order at a yellow food truck.
    Hub and Soul brings together the city’s best music and food trucks.
  • Plates of burgers get french fries dumped onto them at Honest Abe's.
    Honest Abe’s in downtown Lincoln is famous for its creative, mouth-watering burgers.
    A table overed in delicious looking food.
    Lazlo’s offers a range of shareable, delicious options.
  • A woman spoons cheesy dip onto her plate at Lazlo's.
    Lazlo’s in the Haymarket is a staple of Lincoln dining.
    Two women sitting at a table with plates of food in front of them.
    Yia Yia’s Pizza in downtown Lincoln.
  • A plastic tray with a Runza, french fries, and drink.
    A true Nebraska tradition, Runza — and Runza sandwiches — are a must-have for newcomers.
    A hand holding a delicious burger.
    Honest Abe’s Burgers & Freedom, located blocks from campus.

get moving.


172 miles of bike trails, 137 parks, lakes, golf courses and wildlife preserves — and that’s just inside the city.

Get active outdoors Explore parks and rec
  • Two men playing doubles in pickleball.
    Pickleball is a popular outdoor activity around Lincoln, with tons of courts on or near campus.
    A large group runs along scenic Antelope Creek during a Fun Run event.
    Joggers on the Antelope Creek trail next to campus.
  • A women rides her bike up a long trail heading for the camera on a beautiful summer day.
    With 172 miles of bike trails, Lincoln is a bike rider’s dream.
    A small group of friends hike through the lush green forest.
    Soak in the beauty of Nebraska at the Prairie Pines Nature Preserve.
  • A group of canoers makes their way across a lake.
    Canoers at Branched Oak Lake.
    A man jumps at the net while playing volleyball during an outside winter game!
    Outdoor sports are year-round in Lincoln. 
  • The Archrival alley mural in the Haymarket District.
    The Archrival alley mural in the Haymarket District.
    A jogger running at Holmes Lake Park.
    Holmes Lake Park is a favorite for running, fishing, kayaking, picnicking and (in the winter) sledding.
  • A woman stands in the bough of a mighty tree taking a photo.
    A hiker at the Prairie Pines Nature Preserve.
    Members of UNL’s Outdoor Adventure club at Branched Oak Lake.
    Members of UNL’s Outdoor Adventure club at Branched Oak Lake.
  • Women smile in triumph sitting after completing the Good Life Halfsy race.
    The Good Life Halfsy is one of several annual distance running events in Lincoln, bringing in seasoned and amateur runners from around the country.
    Women smile in triumph sitting after completing the Good Life Halfsy race.
    Bike from campus to nearly any area of the city.
Topographical map.

explore. learn. sample. discover.

The Curious

Slow things down. Smell the roses or a fresh (or used) book. Wander through a museum or create your own work of art. Set your own pace.

Get crafty Explore unique museums
  • A woman stands in an alleyway covered in brightly painted murals.
    Explore — and add to — the murals in the University Place neighborhood.
    Three women gaze in amazement at the beauty of the Sunken Gardens.
    The Sunken Gardens is a gorgeous, tranquil public garden near campus.
  • Two people moving sand in an interactive museum video display.
    Morrill Hall houses fossils, ancient artifacts, interactive exhibits and more!
    The Sheldon Museum of Art, located on city campus, is one of Lincoln’s most distinctive and beautiful buildings and houses thousands of world-famous artworks.
    The Sheldon Museum of Art, located on city campus, is one of Lincoln’s most distinctive and beautiful buildings and houses thousands of world-famous artworks.
  • A couple stands looking at a wall of small paintings on a gallery wall.
    Lincoln has a thriving art scene, with galleries and showcases scattered throughout the city.
    Two people moving sand in an interactive museum video display.
    Morrill Hall is a Smithsonian affiliated museum with educational opportunities for all ages.
  • A couple stands looking at a wall of small paintings on a gallery wall.
    Morrill Hall houses fossils, ancient artifacts, interactive exhibits and more!
    A close up of a man painting.
    The Lux Center for the Arts is one of the many art galleries and community art centers in Lincoln.

get your fix.


With cozy, lamp-lit corners and patios that spill out into the streets, familiar favorites and artisan treats, Lincoln has your favorite local coffee shop waiting to be discovered.

  • A shelf of coffee related goods at a local coffee shop.
    The Coffee House is a coffee shop just two blocks away from campus.
    Two women sit talking in the corner of a local coffee shop enjoying their drinks.
    Grab a friend, a cup and your favorite board game at Mana Games’ gaming café.
  • A hand pouring an espresso shot into a glass of milk.
    The Coffee House is a Husker favorite.
  • Two women sit outside at The Mill.
    The patio at The Mill Coffee & Tea is a popular spot for students, looking out over the Haymarket District.
    An overhead shot of a table covered in breakfast treats and coffee drinks at a local coffee shop.
    With locations on east campus and the Near South neighborhood, Cultiva is known for its delicious crepes and coffee.
  • Two men sit talking while enjoying coffee drink at a local coffee shop.
    The Coffee House is a cozy place to study or gather with friends.
    The front counter where patrons order drinks at a local coffee shop.
    Reactor Coffee is a cozy study spot nestled in the Turbine Flats complex between city and east campus.

you’re never too old.

Kids at heart

Whether it’s trips to the pumpkin patch, feeding animals at the zoo or just laughing the day away with your friends, your inner child will be plenty busy in Lincoln.

Feel like a kid again
  • Ice skaters enjoy gliding across a rink at night under strings of lights.
    Ice skating in the Railyard near campus.
    Three women walk in pumpkin patch with pumpkin in the foreground.
    Roca Berry Farms’ pumpkin patch.
  • A man laughs with female friends with haunted houses in the background at Rocca Berry Farms.
    Roca Berry Farms is a fall favorite, offering tasty seasonal treats and plenty of scares (and laughs).
    Two women eat ice cream out of waffle cones seated at a table at ice cream shop.
    Sample dozens of homemade ice cream flavors at Ivanna Cone in the Haymarket.
  • Two women pose for photo.
    Roca Berry Farms just outside Lincoln.
    Women smile in delight as their group feeds a giraffe lettuce leaves.
    Visiting the Lincoln Children’s Zoo is a fun outing for kids of all ages.
  • A ride covered in blinking lights spins riders around at a carnival at night.
    Cornstock is a Homecoming Week tradition, with a music-and-game-filled festival outside Memorial Stadium.
    Two women ride scooters down the sidewalk.
    Students riding scooters through downtown Lincoln.
  • The people playing a hole of mini-golf.
    Prehistoric Putt in North Lincoln is a fun twist on miniature golf.
    A man sits inside an arcade game.
    Sun Valley Lanes near downtown has an arcade, laser tag and bowling alley.

the perfect fit.

Local Shoppers

Ditch your Amazon cart — we’ve got something better. From boutique clothing to the rarest of vintage finds, Lincoln is a shopper’s dream.

Explore local shops
  • People walking around the canopied booths in the Haymarket of downtown Lincoln during the farmer's market.
    The Haymarket Farmers’ Market takes place each Saturday through the summer and fall, jam packed with delicious foods, fresh produce and handmade goods.
    Two men survey the incredible skateboards displayed for sale on a wall.
    Precision Skate in downtown sells top-notch skateboarding gear and fashion apparel.
  • Interior of a Indigo Bridge bookstore and coffeeshop.
    Indigo Bridge is a popular bookstore and coffee shop in the Near South neighborhood.
    A women looks through items at a boutique shop.
    Threads + Footloose & Fancy downtown offers high-end streetwear, outdoor clothing and a bar in the back of the store.
  • A woman holds up a sweater at shop counter.
    Tsuru is a boutique clothing store in downtown Lincoln.
    A woman tries on a pair of stylish black boots.
    Pattino is a footwear, apparel and accessories boutique in the College View district.
  • A large floral arrangement encircling neon lights that read The Good Life.
    Goldenrod Pastries is a nationally recognized bakery.
    A man looks at himself in the mirror while wearing white leather coat with long fringe.
    Ruby Begonia’s is constantly revolving its stock of vintage items, a great place to pick up a new, stylish outfit on a budget.
  • A woman inhales deeply of a scented candle while her friend looks on.
    Wax Buffalo in the Haymarket is a great store where you can purchase — and create – unique candles.
    Two people look through racks of clothing.
    Great Plains Vintage curates fashion-forward and rare vintage clothing in the Harymarket’s Creamery Building.
  • A woman looks through racks of clothing.
    Ruby Begonia’s is an amazing vintage and secondhand store in downtown Lincoln.
    Two men flip though crates of vinyl records.
    Roots Music a block from campus sells rare vinyl records, instruments and decor.

we’re kinda the best at this.

Sports Fanatics

Lincoln is known as the home of the greatest fans in the country. Come find out why.

Join our fanbase
  • Memorial Stadium illuminated in red lights while fireworks go off during a night game.
    Home of Husker Football, Memorial Stadium is one of the greatest football atmospheres in the country.
    A Husker smashes a softball with a swing of her bat.
    Catching a Husker Softball game at Haymarket Park is a great way to spend an afternoon in Lincoln.
  • A Husker gymnast doing a handstand on a high bar.
    Husker Gymnastics meets are held in the Bob Devaney Sports Center near Innovation Campus.
    A Husker wrestler being declared winner by referee.
    Boasting 11 individual NCAA championships, the Husker Wrestling team’s matches always bring a hyped-up crowd.
  • A person holds their arm up in victory from the top of the stands at Memorial Stadium during Volleyball Day.
    The world record-breaking Volleyball Day at Memorial Stadium is the highest recorded attendance of a women’s sporting event.
    A diehard Husker fan wears a corn cob hat while yelling for his favorite team.
    Cornheads are a staple of Husker sports fandom.
  • Herbie Husker waves from the back of a parade float with members of the Cheer Squad.
    Husker Football Gamedays are an all-day event, with plenty to see and take in around campus and the city.
    Husker fans rush the court after an epic win in basketball.
    Pinnacle Bank Arena is one of the nicest— and rowdiest — venues in all college basketball.
  • Energetic Husker fans yell in support of their favorite volleyball team!
    With 5 national championships, Husker Volleyball is one of the top programs in the country and most exciting atmospheres in all college sports.
    Haymarket Park Baseball Stadium during a night game from the outfield.
    Haymarket Park also hosts Husker baseball and Lincoln Saltdogs minor league baseball games.

let's explore.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Our sprawling Midwest city is made up of a little bit of everything.
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A map of Lincoln shows various neighborhoods and things to do across the city, from seeing a game at the ballpark to shopping in the Haymarket; to visiting Holmes Lake Park and the Hyde Observatory in Southeast Lincoln; to satisfying your latest craving at Clinton-Hawley’s international grocery stores, restaurants and bakeries.

Relocating to Lincoln?

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